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Vestiges of the past: fresh ideas of window decoration

Classical curtains were always presumed to be the only and the best solution to decorate windows, but the modern world sets new trends and offers new possibilities.


You can benefit from this ancient method which is still working in countries, where there is a lot of sun. Installation of shutters will complement the country, provence or modern style interiors. Besides, shutters protect you from the hot summer sunshine.


The diversity of blinds can make your interior individual. Number of variations allows finding an option corresponding to any style. Blinds protect well the premises from the sunrays, and you can regulate the amount of incoming light.

Roller blinds

The trendiest variant to decorate the window, that doesn’t overload space with unnecessary elements.  Roller blinds are easy to use and have unlimited number of designs. In addition, you’ll always have an access to the windowsill and a possibility of partial light distribution.


An unusual way to decorate your windows is to use threads of beads, which could be of any size and design. This variant shows the individuality, but it doesn’t match every style. You should also remember that beads won’t protect you from the sunshine, but will create a beautiful play of light.


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