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Remnants of the past: 10 ways to ruin a trendy kitchen

The natural desire of the owner of the house is to have a fashionable and modern kitchen which will delight for many years. In the kitchen, there are several points that go in the context of fashion trends. Some elements will soon become relics of the past and may violate the status of your furniture.

1. Built-in microwave

For a long time, it was believed that the place of technique should be imperceptible. This is still fashionable, but the existence of a microwave oven is being questioned. Its functions are gradually replacing by ovens and the need for it slowly disappears. For now, leave room for her on the kitchen table or in the cabinet.

2. Dishes hanging over a countertop or island

Until now, the fashion for the island has not passed and the need for it will always be. However, it is already considered bad taste to hang something on it. Pots, pans on hooks hanging over the table or glasses are all things of the past. Now more fashionable minimalism and free space, especially since everything can fit in cabinets. If you use the hooks inside the cabinets, you can accommodate much more.

3. The versatility of the kitchen table

Please note that the purpose of the table is to please the guests, and not be an additional place for slicing or arranging products. Use the overhangs of the countertop, create additional protrusions and other elements to expand your work area. Leave the table for a beautiful serve; otherwise, you risk becoming unfashionable.

4. Copper or brass fitting

It is now considered fashionable to install brass or copper fittings in the kitchen. The beautiful door handles can please you in the next couple of years, but soon you may go out of fashion. Such things rarely stay in trend. Keep this in mind when installing the fittings, so that you can later replace it without pain.

5. Glass in furniture facades

Many people still adhere to the trend and order a lot of glass cabinets, but this has not been fashionable for a long time. It is preferable to play with color and materials. Be more determined and don’t allow yourself to look back. Glass today is good only in small spaces, it visually facilitates the conglomeration of furniture.

6. Ceramic sink

Ceramic plumbing is a rather fragile thing but has its own charm. However, modern trends are completely different and such a sink can ruin the status of your kitchen, and over the years, the trends completely shift towards the stainless steel metal sink.

7. Room decoration

A natural and spacious room, which is not covered with plasterboard designs, is becoming more fashionable. The air in the forge space must circulate freely. If you want something unusual, play with the color of the walls and order a suspended ceiling.

8. Windows without curtains

For a long time, it was considered a sign of fashion not to decorate the windows on the kitchen with the curtains. The blinds were used often. Now it is better to direct your imagination to complement the window with decorations. Designers are advised to select monochrome materials and simple shades.

9. Tiled countertop

Despite the fact that the option of a countertop made of tiles seems attractive, cheap and easy to use, it is becoming a thing of the past. Very soon such a version of the work surface will be considered as bad taste. It is better to use the options for countertop made of artificial stone.

10. Vivid colors

Today’s fashion dictates to designers a trend towards vibrant colors and bold combinations. But it is likely that this mode is fleeting. Give preference to bright spots and prefer to decorate the room with colored decorations so that you can easily change the boring color.



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