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Red tunes: kitchen as an emotional surge

Energy and passion — these are emotions usually caused by red color, so you should use it in the interior really carefully. Even fans of this color can be emotionally overloaded if it’s too much of red.

Using the red color is a self-challenge, but you can and should soften its influence. This will balance your emotions and let you relax and enjoy the bright tone. Designers advise to use the red color partially, so mix it with gray, white, black or green.

The perfect match is red with tints of gray. Light gray looks good in any room, but dark gray is better in a large and fair space. If you want to use the red color in the interior choose only one tint which you like the most.

White color looks better with scarlet, burgundy and delicate shades; as well as dark red fits beige color. At the same time you can add the third color into your interior. For example, wooden, chromic, yellow, golden or rose.

The red and black mix is really courageous. It excites the imagination and invigorates, but at the same time overloads. That’s why it is better to use the black color at the bottom of the room or furniture, and red — in the middle or at the top. Also the white color is good to dilute them.

The green color, as well as gray, is considered as neutral among designers. It will soften the brightness of other tints. Despite everything, it perfectly matches red shades. Use the soft mid tone green or choose the tint individually depending on the red color. Do it carefully and with taste, because it’s easy to exaggerate.


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5 ideas of cool and simple outdoor furniture

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