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Out of sight : how to hide away domestic boilers

You often have to install water heaters, gas and water meters or other unesthetic appliances at home that don’t fit in your stylish kitchen. However, it is quite possible to cover them with some decorations or hide into the furniture.

A gas boiler can be easily hidden in a kitchen cabinet, and pipes — in a decorative case. The only rule that you have to follow — keep the gaps between the boiler and the furniture. This device gets very hot and there must be enough of circulating air to cool the boiler and ensure fire safety. Gaps should be at least 10 cm. It is better to make mesh cabinet doors, no bottom and a big gap on the top.

Meters are much easier to hide. There is no need to leave some free space, they can fit in any decorations. The main thing is to keep a convenient access to their indicators.

It happens that there is no possibility to hide or cover the boiler, then designers often use drawings on it as decorations. You can use heat-resistant film with a pattern or to call a painter who will apply the desirable drawing.


Bold decisions: features of violet in the interior

A decision to use bright and saturated colors in their homes is often difficult for most people; but these colors are especially good for highlighting the individuality of owners. And the extraordinary violet color can really do that. In fact, violet is a mix of red and blue, and modifying their proportion, you can change […]

Proper economy: 3 ways to not overpay for a fashionable kitchen

Everyone wants to have a modern and fashionable interior, but sometimes it turns to be quite expensive. Here are some ways to bring your ideas to life and economize at the same time. A modern kitchen supposes not only creative design, but also manufacturability, ergonomics and smart engineering solutions. It’s important to organize the space […]

Nothing boring: the use of gray in your kitchen

A gray kitchen seems to be gloomy and boring only in words, but in fact you can use different shades of gray, which can make your place modern and unusual. Nowadays the boldest kitchen designs often involve the use of gray color. It’s the central element of such trendy styles as minimalism, high-tech or loft […]

Some original ideas: disguise a building as a tree

Nearby Melbourne, Australia, there is a building with a facade in a form of a tree. In this way architects wanted to highlight the accumulation of green energy issue in the city. Initially this construction resembled a bunker. There are situated the electrical infrastructure facilities for a big city. The gloomy look of a large […]