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Nothing boring: the use of gray in your kitchen

A gray kitchen seems to be gloomy and boring only in words, but in fact you can use different shades of gray, which can make your place modern and unusual.

Nowadays the boldest kitchen designs often involve the use of gray color. It’s the central element of such trendy styles as minimalism, high-tech or loft style. Neutral kitchen furniture well-balanced by bright accessoires always please the owners with its practicality.

Even glossy gray surface looks fresh and new quite a long time. Gray tints are always appropriate and you can easily change the whole design by choosing different bright accents. You can apply ornaments on furniture fronts in order to make your kitchen unique. A wide range of gray tints allows to pick up felicitous combinations, that look modern and trendy, even for a small place. Correct distribution of light and well chosen tints of this color allow to make your kitchen either warm or cold depending on the quantity of the sunlight.


Garage doors: how to make them good-looking

Houses with garages are common for suburb. Rollers for garage doors are rarely good-looking with their gloomy gray colors that get stained with time. However, designers can offer a nice and original solution to this problem. Showing a bit of imagination, you can turn ordinary garage doors into a field for creativity. All you need […]

Flat reconstruction: first steps

Every premise requires care, and sometimes, when small renovations don’t help, it’s time to do major repairs. First of all, you should assess the scale of further work. To avoid unnecessary financial losses you should define your budget and find out what steps should be taken primarily, and which ones you can postpone for later. […]

5 simple ways to make your house cozier

Bringing the ideal picture of a desired interior to life often leaves no room for life itself. To make your house warmer, you can use some little Scandinavian tricks. Nowadays, Hugge becomes a very fashionable trend of the Scandinavian culture. It implies the ability to create a harmonious atmosphere wherever you are. And some elements […]

A few ideas for decorating the front door

Decorating a house, don’t forget that the entrance group requires special attention. It’s the first to be seen, when you come home, and the very first thing guests see either. Be creative and let the first impression be unforgettable. Something quite simple can turn the entrance to your home to be attractive and stylish. Fresh […]