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Metal grid: some original ideas of use

The most primitive at first sight things can be really useful in the household. A simple grid turns into an unusual mean to decorate your house.

Metal grid is mostly used as a fencing, but in fact it can serve well for organizing the space or exterior of a building. The grid is cheap and there are lots of ways to use it. It is strong but easy to deform, and the paint applies well to it that can change the whole design.

Metal grid is good to create some decorative structures as flower stands, barbecue stands, chimneys and even ovens. Grid can be used on the building facade to grow climbing plants on it and decorate the house.

You can create some original crafts as tables or poufs for your veranda or courtyard. Show your imagination and working skills, and you’ll make original and practical basket chairs, in which you can keep blankets and pillows, firewoods and other small things.

It is also possible to use grid crafts in the interior. It is perfect for a books and pens organizer, newspapers or shoes stands. Even a hanger in the hall can be made of grid, if you are creative. 

Metal grid can be a wonderful decoration in the lighting zone. The main thing is to attach it to the base tightly. Grid baskets are used in the kitchen and living room. Things like that are very common within designers, when they work with industrial style, grunge or loft style interiors.


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