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Housing for a brownie: how to make your attic cozy

Changing a space, which was always considered a storage for useless things, is not easy, but it could be quite profitable. Thus, one young couple transformed their attic into a separate apartment.

Free space creates a desire to fill it, and if you don’t find any use for it, it becomes a mess. However, a young couple, Sean and Sara Parson, managed to turn a simple attic into a lovely and bright dwelling.

First of all, they started with the wall insulation and demarcating the space. It includes a bedroom, a bathroom with a sink and an ancient-styled bathtub, and a clothes rack in the corner instead of a dressing room.

The walls are painted with white to make the place lighter, and the diversity of materials adds a bit of playfulness. The far wall with a window in the bedroom  is made of decorative bricks, which suits the provence style. The walls in the bathroom are covered with snow-white tiles of different sizes and patterns.

The combination of natural wood and soft colors, complemented by contrasting dark-gray, looks perfect. Furniture is chosen in the classic retro-style, as well as accessories.

All tints are natural and create the atmosphere of peace and calmness. 


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