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Hints of the aristocracy: gold in the interior

The immodesty of precious metals shows the audacity and the status of their owners. However, you shouldn’t overuse the golden color in the interior; the best proportion is one to three.

Gold shows its owner’s wealth in a good light. It is appropriate in such styles as modern, baroque, rococo, renaissance or empire. But it is used in details only: furniture legs, chandeliers, cornices, golden elements and so on. Golden patina is also often used.

You can combine the golden color with beige, white, peach or light gray. Among dark tints feel free to choose black, brown, terracotta, cherry, purple, pink, turquoise or blue. Even emerald green enframed by gold will look nobly.

If you choose the gray color, you can add lilac, pale pink or violet. A rare shade of an ashen rose with golden details and a white base looks awesome.


Build by yourself: use building materials in home arrangement

You can use building materials left after construction to organize your space. Cinder blocks can turn into an original fencing, and bricks are good for decorative paths. Benches made of large blocks look very unusual. You can paint them with any color. Combine your benches with plants and you’ll get a beautiful cozy place to […]

8 simple things to complement your interior

Buying new things is easy, but not everyone can give the new life to old common objects. Use your imagination and usual stuff can turn into stylish home decorations. Bicycle An old bicycle, rusted and rotten, can be used as a flower stand. Just paint it, attach baskets wherever possible and install flower pots in […]

Note to the housekeeper: how not to be shamed as a slob

Any house requires attention to keep it clean. Small repairs and regular cleaning create comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. However, there are some tiny details making you look bad in front of guests and also harming your health. You should never ignore the cleanness in your household. Order and freshness make you feel cozy and peaceful. […]

A few ideas for decorating the front door

Decorating a house, don’t forget that the entrance group requires special attention. It’s the first to be seen, when you come home, and the very first thing guests see either. Be creative and let the first impression be unforgettable. Something quite simple can turn the entrance to your home to be attractive and stylish. Fresh […]