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Giving the new life: restore the furniture by yourself

Renovation of old furniture was trendy at all times, but now it is getting antiques. The main thing is to choose a careful and competent approach.

Decoupage needs lots of time, patience and creativity. First of all you should determine: which result do you want to receive. Look for some pictures and colorations; it is better to draw the desired result in order to not lose the enthusiasm.  You can choose patterns and print them in order to cut them out and make the appliqués, or decoupage as it is named nowadays.

Use the perfect glue, acrylic lacquer, brushes and a usual sponge for washing dishes. You’ll have to sandpaper the painted surface. Then it is better to putty it and apply the furniture wax to get rid of cracks and scratches. It will prolong the life of your furniture, the paint will apply smoothly and as a result you’ll get the brand new furniture.

Paint few times to apply the color smoothly. You can also use the sponge to give the paint an effect of antiquity. Then apply the acrylic lacquer.

To decorate your furniture with patterns use the glue on the surface and then apply the cut pictures. When the glue dries, you can  apply the acrylic lacquer again.

In decoupage you can use fruit ornaments, flowers, patterns, as well as old newspapers, which look very originally.


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