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Design for the lazy: how to reduce cleaning time

Don’t like cleaning? Take care of it in advance. On the stage of planning the repair and choosing finishing materials you can give preference to those which will simplify your life in the future.

The market has enough products to make the cleaning easier. You can buy high-tech expensive means, which do everything for you, or just select easy-to-clean furniture and finishing.

Stone countertop

Kitchen is the most used place at home, so you need to clean it five times more often than any other. You’ll save a lot of time, money and efforts choosing a countertop, where you can cut food, place hot pans and wipe any dirt easily.

This applies especially to artificial stone countertops. It can easily withstand temperatures up to 100 °C (212 °F), is not afraid of scratches and hits, and is not porous, so it does not absorb even such caustic substances as nail polish.

In order to not overpay for a full thickness of 10 mm, you can order a more economical version with stone up to 5 mm thick. In terms of its qualities, it is not worse than the expensive one, but it is much cheaper. Its only disadvantage is that you cannot round it or make smooth curves out of it, and there will be no possibility to install a sink below the countertop level.

Matte facades

A trend for glossy kitchen facades looks pretty good, but it is a bit impractical. In reality handprints, drops and dust are very visible on the glossy surface. Much more practical is to choose neutral matte material which will look neat for long.

For example, artificial wood textured materials make dirt more imperceptible and don’t require thorough cleaning, though you should still pay some attention to their maintenance. And at the same time smooth matte surfaces are really easy to wipe, dirt is less visible on them, so you won’t need much efforts for cleaning.

Smooth tile

Tiles for the floor, kitchen workspace or bathroom shouldn’t make life difficult for you. On the contrary, its task is to facilitate cleaning as much as possible. It doesn’t require special care and can be easily cleaned with any means. You can also hear some advices to give preference to smooth surfaces and make the seams between the tiles smaller, because that is where the greatest amount of dirt accumulates.

Furniture covers

Buying furniture, don’t forget covers for it, they are very common nowadays. This way you can maintain the perfect furniture appearance for long and relieve you of thorough dry cleaning. Just take them of and put into a washing machine. Anyway, covers dry cleaning is easier and cheaper than calling a service for furniture cleaning.

Storage system

Whether in a kitchen or a bedroom, there always is a lot of stuff to arrange. But you can highly facilitate this process by planning a wide storage system in advance. For example, there should always be some empty shelves in your cupboards to place things that overwhelm the apartment.

For your kitchen you can use an empty baskets scheme for keeping magazines, books and other stuff out of place. Some boxes for scattered things will be helpful in a bathroom too.


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