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Compact and modern: garage as a cozy apartment

Any, even the smallest, space can turn into a comfortable house if you are creative and hardworking. For example, one enterprising Frenchman made a beautiful apartment from an old garage.

Old streets of Bordeaux don’t accept any changes to the historical appearance of the buildings, but you can still transform your little premise a bit without offending an old town style. Young and creative French photographer Jérémie Buchholtz bought a modest garage at a ridiculous price. He needed a household, so he turned to his friend Matthieu de Marien, who, as an architect and a specialist in transformation of industrial premises into residential dwellings, helped to create a cozy nest for Jérémie.

There was no water, no electricity and only asphalt as flooring. Considering that the garage was situated between ancient buildings, it was impossible to affect the walls. But they managed to make a panoramic roof over the part of the premise instead, so that there could be more sunshine inside. This trick allowed making a ventilation system, which wasn’t provided initially.

According to French laws you must have a parking spot near you in order to consider your premise as a living one. Master found an interesting solution: an open-air interior patio, which serves as an entrance hall and also as an official parking spot to legalize the property.

They had to rebuild the house completely from the basis under the floor and laying laminate to the wall finishing and ceiling constructing. Uneven and oblique roof allowed using the space of 41 m2 in height instead of width. The unified furniture structure in the middle of a room-studio solved four problems at once: bedroom on the top, in-built cupboard, a sofa for visitors and even a desk.

The kitchen is modest, but nevertheless it has everything you need: from sink to oven. They had to install a lot of lamps in the kitchen zone to make it lighter. There also is a dining table for six persons.

The modular design hides the bathroom as well. There is very little space here, but still enough to take a shower. There is a sink, a toilet bowl, and even a washing machine and an electric boiler for supplying hot water.

The particularity of this garage is its doors. One of the door leaves covers the patio and can shift. The kitchen window is on the façade side and is protected by a wooden roller. So this house is well protected from curious eyes by an impregnable wooden wall.