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Bright colors in your bathroom: how not to spoil it

Classical beige and brown tints match everything. However, to dare to use bright colors in the bathrooms is not for everyone. Those braves should remember that balance and right combination can make a small space stylish and unique.

Don’t forget that the red color can cause the aggression, not only passion and cheerfulness, if you use it without accuracy. Choose light tints for your bathroom, as they stimulate your subconscious and encourage creativity. Use the large tile in mix with the small one. This is the way to create some original designs.

Use more mirrors. They are appropriate in every bathroom and extremely extend the space. Don’t forget about the light. Bright and tiny rooms should have enough of it.

A good way to add other colors is to make horizontal and vertical stripes of tiles. White, black, gray and golden perfectly match the red color.


Hints of the aristocracy: gold in the interior

The immodesty of precious metals shows the audacity and the status of their owners. However, you shouldn’t overuse the golden color in the interior; the best proportion is one to three. Gold shows its owner’s wealth in a good light. It is appropriate in such styles as modern, baroque, rococo, renaissance or empire. But it […]

Grunge in the interior: for those who destroys traditions

Grunge style is gaining popularity today. It derives from classical, country style and loft style. It shows the originality of the owner and creates a very special atmosphere. The appearance of grunge goes back to the XIX century. To realize it you need a lot of space, only then it will look organically. Any limited […]

Spicy aroma: features of Italian kitchen style

Modern style in classic design still stays trendy and loved among designers. You can improvise according to your taste, but don’t forget to follow certain rules. Many of us dream about romantic Tuscany moved to our kitchens. And it is possible if you have enough space for it. Yes, a kitchen in Italian style doesn’t […]

5 ideas of cool and simple outdoor furniture

Tiny courtyards behind the house are common. How to organize this place without spending much money? Easy — just use the available means, your own hands and a bit of imagination. 1. Pallets                                Wooden pallets are a very practical thing. You can make cozy couches, tables, chairs and even swings. Pallets should be cleaned, polished […]