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A few ideas for decorating the front door

Decorating a house, don’t forget that the entrance group requires special attention. It’s the first to be seen, when you come home, and the very first thing guests see either. Be creative and let the first impression be unforgettable.

Something quite simple can turn the entrance to your home to be attractive and stylish. Fresh and original paint, creative lighting, or a small bench will make your door unique.

Use bright and stylish wallpaper to highlight the entrance area. That will create a personalized atmosphere and emphasize your courage. But it is very important to further develop a chosen color palette in the style of the room itself.

Furniture for the entrance can be acquired in a thrift shop. Retro style always looks advantageous and unique. Besides, you can paint your furniture according to your own special vision.

Follow the simplicity principle. Attach some original hangers to the wall and place a usual bench under them. Such a stylish solution doesn’t require any extra costs. Just show some imagination. Feel free to paint the front door brightly. This will immediately create a cheerful mood for everyone who comes to you. Use common umbrella and shoe racks, but paint them brightly too.


Red tunes: kitchen as an emotional surge

Energy and passion — these are emotions usually caused by red color, so you should use it in the interior really carefully. Even fans of this color can be emotionally overloaded if it’s too much of red. Using the red color is a self-challenge, but you can and should soften its influence. This will balance […]

Hints of the aristocracy: gold in the interior

The immodesty of precious metals shows the audacity and the status of their owners. However, you shouldn’t overuse the golden color in the interior; the best proportion is one to three. Gold shows its owner’s wealth in a good light. It is appropriate in such styles as modern, baroque, rococo, renaissance or empire. But it […]

TOP trends for kitchen reconstruction in 2020

In fact, modern style can be different depending on your individual preferences. However, for those, who follow fashion trends, the KBIS 2020 design exhibition in Las Vegas presented the tendencies of the year. Let’s have a look at some of those tendencies, which concern kitchens directly. Tile Geometric figures of all sizes and their combinations […]

How not to complicate your life: 5 bad ideas for kitchen interior

Cleaning the kitchen is the most frequent housework. If you don’t have enough money for a housekeeper, it is better to prevent an extra work. There are some ideas, that can initially be considered as bad ones. 1. Black gloss Glossy surface always gets stained more easily than the matte one, it’s especially unbearable in […]