8 simple things to complement your interior

Buying new things is easy, but not everyone can give the new life to old common objects. Use your imagination and usual stuff can turn into stylish home decorations.


An old bicycle, rusted and rotten, can be used as a flower stand. Just paint it, attach baskets wherever possible and install flower pots in them.

There is one more feature of a bicycle suitable for a spacious hi-tech or techno room — it can be really good as a wall decoration. Embellish it and hang on brackets or hanging hooks. You can keep a fully functional two-wheeled vehicle this way as well.


Old chairs with broken legs are great for shelving decorative flowers and the upside-down back can be used as a towel rack.

Old chairs without seats turn into original flower beds for a garden plot.

Old kettles

Do not rush to throw out the outdated grandmother’s service. It can make a lovely table-lamp stand.

Tennis rackets

An interesting use can be found for old tennis rackets. When they are broken and can no longer fulfill their original functions, you can give them new life as a mirror frame. But in this case, you will have to order custom-made mirrors.

Kitchen grater

Do not throw away an old and rusted grater. Just imagine that it could turn out to be a great stand for women’s jewelry. It is convenient to store hanging earrings on it. And for beads, you can use a simple rake attached to the wall.


Tires can stand more than a dozen years. And if for the first five years they serve for their intended purpose, after that they can be used as furniture. When the pungent odor of rubber disappears, it is enough to wash and paint them well. Then you can use them as a stand for a coffee table or make poufs, as you wish.

Anyway, better use them outdoors or in non-residential premises. The scent of rubber may persist and may not wear off easily.


Don’t hurry to throw away old suitcases. They can be used as lovely shelves or flower beds. If you want to hang a suitcase on the wall, attach its back to a wooden plank with screws or glue and then fix it to the wall. Besides, suitcases are good for making bedside and coffee tables.