Stone fabrication & installation

Stone Inspection

From the first steps ABC HOME STUDIO will inspect your chosen slab(s). Stone, being a natural product often contains characteristics, similar to how individuals may be born with birthmarks. Some of these characteristics include dry seams,natural directional veining, black spots, polyester resin fill, pits and pores. Oftentimes, these marks make the stone what it is, unique and beautiful. Prior to templating, ABC HOME STUDIO does its final inspection on the slab, to identify any area unacceptable to the customer. ABC HOME STUDIO will mark those areas to avoid them during templating. Our professionals will not start fabrication, unless you are satisfied with a choice of slab after inspection.

Template Layout

After our professionals have done final inspection on the slab, it is then laid out and a previously created template is applied on the stone to ensure the best appearance of the vein texture and color. ABC HOME STUDIO also arranges templating to ensure appropriate flow/pattern for the various countertops in your layout. As an example countertop and an island that is parallel or perpendicular, ABC HOME STUDIO will ensure the overall flow of the countertop pattern will work in your finished project. Natural beauty occurs more often in natural stone than in quartz, making this process really important in Granite and Marble.

Cutting and Fabricating the stone

ABC HOME STUDIO then cuts the stone using either a water jet or a bridge saw. Once the pieces are cut from the large slab, those pieces are forwarded to a CNC machine and with the help of a vacuum lifting system, the granite countertop pieces are then fabricated. In this phase, the cutouts for your cooktop and undermount sink are made. Once the cutouts in stone are made, the edge is shaped by a CNC Machine before taken to final polishing and inspection before being dispatched to your home.

Installation of Stone

After all four steps have been successful ABC HOME STUDIO sets a date that is best for you to install the countertop. Our teams are professionally trained to work with stone. Onsite our stone technician will apply the coat of sealer if necessary for the stone of your choice. ABC HOME STUDIO will perform adjustments to level if necessary. We use the best epoxy glue and match the color of the seam. Our professionals will not leave mess behind and will fulfill your expectations. ABC HOME STUDIO technicians will also provide you with a brief instruction of how to maintain stone on your own and will answer any questions you have on site.

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